"After having sleepless nights for along time as I was always lonely in my life, I was advised by a friend to contact Prophet Hamal who made wonders to me as he gave me the love spells that brought my boyfriend back. Now we are in a happy lovely relationship and planning to get married next year. Thanks you so much Prophet Hamal ".


"Since I visited Prophet Hamal, My life changed to the best as he came to my home and cleansed me, my house and kids who used to have strange scaring dreams. He chased and destroyed all the bad spells and witchcraft which was troubling my house, now I am a happy man with my family".


"I had given up for my farm as it was too much stressful. Cows, goats and sheep were dying now and then, my friend who knew about Prophet Hamal told me to try him. He visited my farm and removed the witches which were causing my farm to be stressful and am a happy man and my farm is too much profitable as the outcome and the demand of the products i.e.; - milk, eggs, chicken, goats, sheep increased I advised all these with such problems to visit Prophet Hamal, you will tell others like am doing now".


"Having tried priests, pastors and prophets to pray for me and my wife so that we can have a baby for so many years, I decided to give up but as I was in my office I clicked on Prophet Hamal who welcomed me with both hands and he worked on me and my wife, now we are a happy family with a five year old baby boy".


"I had lost confidence and dignity as a man as I was scared to propose a woman as my penis was too much small and it led my wife to leave me for other men. One day my uncle forced me to approach Prophet Hamal for help, he did help me now am strong and powerful, sometimes I wake my wife during mid-night. Long live Prophet Hamal and do it to others as you helped me".


"My life was a mess as strange things were happening to me from no where such as fatal accidents, robberies at my house and sickness which were hard to be treated by medical doctors. I was advised by my sister who knew Prophet Hamal; I called him to make an appointment and went to him. Now everything in my life is smooth after using his herbs which did not affect me at all, my house is safe and secure".


"I was looking for job so many years but without a success yet I had all the qualifications. I made many interviews but I was not considered, my cousin told me to try Prophet Hamal and changed my life to the best as now am permanently employed and I was promised to be promoted soon to a senior post. I advise those looking for employment to visit him you will be as I am today".


" Prophet Hamal, you made me live my life which is full of joy and happiness after I visited your shrine. Thank you very much as I managed to settle all my debts which had forced my wife to leave me. Now am a happy man with my family".


"Having failed to get contracts and tenders from the government departments and big companies for so long yet my company had all the necessities. I decided to sell it off as it was a dead business. My son who had experienced the services of Prophet Hamal, he took me to him and Prof welcomed me to his shrine. After working on me, the next application I made, I was given the tender and since then my company is too much busy. Thank you Prophet Hamal for making my company the favorite among clients"

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